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Mighty Armies: Ancients (Hard Copy)

Mighty Armies: Ancients (Hard Copy)
Mighty Armies: Ancients (Hard Copy)
Item# MAA45

Product Description

Mighty Armies: Ancients is a fast, easy to learn rule set that allows you to command a host of Ancient Armies. Featuring a modified version of the original Mighty Armies system, MA:A letís you march against the Armies of your opponents to prove who is the greater General!

Mighty Armies: Ancients Features:

- A Build Your Own Army System. You can build armies historically or design your own army to suit your campaign. You can even decide on the troop quality. Will you field veteran troops or will you recruit common soliders for your War!

- Use your Existing Armies. Already have a 15mm army based up for another system? No problem! You can use MA:A with any basing as long as your Opponent is based the same. There are no strict rules for basing in MA:A!

- Field Multiple Armies for Big Battles! Armies in MA:A are designed for 60 Pts. Convert the 60pt Armies into Divisions and field 240 pts for Big Battles!

- Campaign System

- Siege and Stronghold System

- Army Build Examples

Rebel Minis is excited about the release of Mighty Armies: Ancients. It is designed for 15mm scale, but some of our playtesters have even converted the system to 28mm. Each 60pt game takes between 30-60 miniutes. We will be supporting the system with tournaments and prizes and welcome any feedback or comments.