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15mm Model 9 Bio-Soldiers

15mm Model 9 Bio-Soldiers
15mm Model 9 Bio-Soldiers
Item# RMM9

Product Description

The Industrial MacroGenetics Organic Combat Unit Model Nine

Currently, more than a hundred years after their initial introduction, detachments of artificially-grown troopers can be found in nearly every realm of human conflict.

These bioengineered soldiers are known by their universal designation, the Model Nine. Defense mega-corporations maintain large stables of Nines, with vat-like organic printers ready to produce more at the push of a button. All throughout the solar system, the Model Nine is held up as the example of the ultimate expendable soldier, able to accomplish the mission without hesitation or mercy.

Each Pack comes with 20 15mm Miniatures. Sculpted by Angie Portman and designed by John Bear Ross, these are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer!