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5150 No Limits: The Cool Coolie (Scenario Book)

5150 No Limits: The Cool Coolie (Scenario Book)
5150 No Limits: The Cool Coolie (Scenario Book)
Item# IKP0140

Product Description

You own a spaceship - The Cool Coolie!

You start in New Hope City where there's a fine line between an interplanetary Merchant Trader and a Smuggler. Your ship is costing you some credits when it's sitting empty and you need to find a few jobs. But that's the least of your problems as your 1st mate just told you ...The cops are looking for you!

WHO: Play as Gus P. Jones, the owner/operator of the Cool Coolie, a sleek Trader vessel that is a real moneymaker - when you can find a job or two. Or if you want, play as your own Star from other 5150 games.

WHAT: 16 Linked Scenarios giving you a wide variety of adventures. Find some Jobs. Do a little Gambling, make some new friends, and enemies, and recover that lost ear's complicated.

WHERE: Travel to more than three different planets with all their opportunities and challenges for a Smuggler, uh, Merchant Trader. Nothing is holding you back from a life of Fame and Fortune except ... the cops, your bills for having an empty ship, your crew is missing somewhere in New Hope City, there's a crazy alien out to get you...but, hey we never said it would be easy!

Time to fire up ...The Cool Coolie!

5150 No Limits: The Cool Coolie is a scenario book that can be played with the Core rules Maiden Voyage, 5150 Urban Renewal, New Hope City PI, Fringe Space and even Future Tales.


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!